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Reviewed Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon Oil

Tuesday, Aug 6, 2013 on

a little extra garlic works: I did use Parm cheese even though some people say pasta fish dishes and cheese are taboo. Not me found it delicious either with or without.
Side dish: Watercress salad shavings of parm cheese toasted walnuts/dressed with Evoo lemon s&p "

Reviewed Trisha's Wedge Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

Sunday, Jul 21, 2013 on

"3/4 ingredients and your off and running. So delicious Saturday night watching tv had a bag of chips decided to throw this together and it was so good!! Yum and easy"

Reviewed Chicken Cacciatore

Sunday, Jul 14, 2013 on

"So delicious served it tonight to my guest who ate silently and then came the raves!! Guy Fieri(if you can find it) Pasta w Cauliflower and Spinach and a FaTAstic wine Said it B4 will say it again"Chk Plz " Amazing!!"

Reviewed Paccheri Pasta with Cauliflower and Spinach

Sunday, Jul 14, 2013 on

"WHAAAAT this recipe is sooooo delicious!!!! Pasta may be hard to find I found mine in Italian specialty store. If you find it serve it this way.My guest didn't say one word the first few minutes.....and then raved .... Giada Chicken Cacciatore and A fantastic botle of a good bold red wine. You'll feel like yelling check good!"

Reviewed Sausage and Radicchio Orecchiette

Sunday, May 19, 2013 on Cooking Channel

"DO NOT USE MINT (HUGH TYPO )IN EPISODE GABRIELE USES SAGE. Absolutely delicious I up the wine to one cup only because I do like it juicier. Had trouble finding radicchio. I found it but if you can't no worries although delicious and pretty in the dish there is so much flavor that it is not needed. Use a half a box of pasta. Its plenty. It expands"

Reviewed Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

Monday, May 13, 2013 on

"These are delicious!!! There is no way you can go wrong with this winning recipe. Easy to make. Make extra your going to want leftovers!"

Reviewed Flounder with Corn and Tomatoes

Monday, May 13, 2013 on Cooking Channel

"This is so light ,fresh and delicious. I did this at a party I threw all ingredients called for on the table and had help in assembling no exact measure needed a little of this a little of that and it all came out perfect. The key obviously is having the freshest fish possible then go for it!!YUM!"

Reviewed Neely's Pigs in a Blanket

Monday, May 13, 2013 on

"These are ALWAYS the first to go!!! So yummy and extremely easy to prep I myself could eat them all. They are that good!! BTW sauce is optional either way you can't go wrong"

Reviewed Fresh Crabmeat and Lobster Lasagna

Monday, May 13, 2013 on

"I made this on Mothers Day this year and it was delicious! So delicious I give it 5 more stars*****!!"

Reviewed Fresh Crabmeat and Lobster Lasagna

Monday, May 13, 2013 on

"This dish was nothing less then delicious. ***** added another 5 stars!!"

Reviewed The Son's Cheese Biscuits

Sunday, Feb 24, 2013 on

"SOOOO delicious and EASY. With my oven I was afraid to burn the bottom so I cooked as instructed 10 min/ used a spatula to loosen/ turned off the oven and gave it another 5 min. Perfection. Also too much for my house so froze some individual. Once frozen toss into a plastic bag and you can pull them as needed. DO NOT THROW THEM ALL IN A BAGGIE OT"

Reviewed Green Bean Casserole

Friday, Nov 23, 2012 on

"Delicious, delicious, delicious!!!!!! This coming from a girl who doesn't like green bean casseroles. Next time I will double recipe(as is with instructions no need to change a thing)so that while my guest take home leftovers I'ld be left with some. "

Reviewed Raspberry Cheesecake

Friday, Nov 23, 2012 on

"In a word PERFECTION. I made this for my niece who wanted a raspberry cheesecake for her birthday(thanksgiving week). Lets begin with the fact that I don't bake,but I decided to make this cake for her.I am so happy I did. It was a HUGH hit!!!! Even people who don't like cheesecake had seconds. I was so proud of it. I followed the recipe exactly a"

Reviewed Cherry Tomato Red Clam Sauce with Linguini

Saturday, Oct 20, 2012 on

"In one word "PERFECTION'/didn't change one thing. Wouldn't change or substitute one thing/ NOT ONE THING!!!!! Perfection"

Reviewed Pesto Lasagne

Monday, Oct 8, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Are you kidding me? AMAZING!!!!! Everyone and I mean everyone loved it. I used a food processor for the pesto so much easier. A definite do over 10 times over."

Reviewed Cavatappi al Vino

Sunday, Sep 30, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Are you kidding me???? AMAZING!!! Did not follow the internet recipe but followed the episode. Increasing both the vegetable stock and wine to a cup(not 1/2 c as noted) makes sense for one pound of pasta. Liquid is needed. So comforting <3 loved it!"

Reviewed Pork Loin alla Focettina

Saturday, Sep 29, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"So delicious!! Supermarket did not have loin roast so I used loin chops instead and just adapted the cooking time. So delicious! They claim you should never try a new recipe on guest you plan to entertain. Not true with Gabriele and Debi everything I have made is absolutely Fabulous. Grab one of their recipes and feed a crowd/no worries it's ALL "

Reviewed Stuffed Whole Fish-Greek Style

Sunday, Mar 25, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"This dish was FABULOUS!!!!! The only mistake I made was not buying 2 fishes my guest couldn't get enough of it FANTASTIC!!""

Reviewed Perfect Pot Roast

Sunday, Feb 5, 2012 on

"This woman can do no wrong. Everything and I mean everything I have made so far has come out fantastic!!! This was so good and made really good leftovers. Did not change a thing in this recipe, no need to Ree knows what she is doing. ""

Reviewed EJ's Simple Oven-BBQ Ribs

Sunday, Feb 5, 2012 on

"These were YuMMy!!!! I made the rustic rub because I had all the seasoning on hand so I didn't use the additional salt and pepper this recipe called for. Didn't need it plenty in the rub. I also seasoned the ribs and wrapped them the night before. These ribs were delicious......and fall of the bone. Yum!""

Reviewed Tuna Puttanesca

Sunday, Nov 27, 2011 on

"Tonight I was humbled with only $1.oo in my pocket and no desire to go out I decided to use what was in my pantry to make this dish. Luckily I had white wine leftover from thanksgiving everything else was available. So delicious and my guest (so over thanksgiving turkey) really appreciated the flavor of this dish/side of garlic bread. As everyone ""

Reviewed Tony's Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sauce

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"This was a HUGH HIT!!!!!! Made a hugh amount and everyone wanted to brown bag them. So good!!! No need to tweak perfect as is. ""

Reviewed Turkey Croquettes with Mushroom-Rosemary Gravy

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"I liked these but I did what Rachael always suggest to do. I eyeballed it. So for me I wanted more turkey and potato less bread crumbs. I used both chicken broth and some leftover gravy( I had both on hand) less of the rosemary. I used everything she suggested but I did it the way I wanted it and it came out sooo good!! Would I do it again yes. E""

Reviewed Chef Jack's Corn Chowder

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"Comfort at one of its best. I did not use the second stick of butter, no need to. First day soup on its own. Leftover made it with Red Lobsters cheddar biscuits. OMG!!!""

Reviewed Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"If you are going to try a brussel sprout recipe this is the one to try, yummy. ""

Reviewed Fall Salad

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"This is a fantastic/delicious salad!!!! Period /end of sentence.

Reviewed Apple and Onion Stuffin' Muffins

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"Delicious. I did not make these as muffins but rather in a casserole dish. So it remained very moist. ""

Reviewed Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"This is absolutely delicious!!! The only problem is that it is VERY LIQUIDY which kept many of my guest from trying it at first. But, once they did it was a treat. This makes for ALOT of sauce so you may want to make it with back up recipes in mind to use in other recipes. ""

Reviewed Sweet Potato Casserole

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"I also made this as a thksgiving side dish. When it came to packing for next day(s) leftover I was left with one large spoonful!!!! What a hit! Will def. make again next time as a side dish to a ham/ or even barbecued ribs ;)!!! I also did as "Cannlang" and used a little salt but you don't have to if you rather not ""

Reviewed Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

Friday, Nov 25, 2011 on

"The very first side dish to disappear on Thksgiving! Imagine that next to stuffing and even mashed potatoes this took first place!! So delicious. ""