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Added Recipe Photo to The Best Moist Sweet Cornbread

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 on

Reviewed The Best Moist Sweet Cornbread

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 on

"I am not really a fan of cornbread, but I have to say that this recipe has converted me! I did make a change to make this gluten and dairy free: I subbed Gluten Free Café All Purpose baking mix for the regular flour, gluten free masa harina for the cornmeal (because I don';t care for the grittiness of regular cornmeal), and Earth Balance..."

Reviewed Sourdough Crepes with Potato Masala

Friday, Jul 27, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"These were very good, but if I hadn't read the recipe completely through I wouldn't have known that the "inactive prep time" was NOT 19 minutes as shown at the top of the recipe. The down time for the sourdough crepes is much longer--the rice-urad dhal-fenugreek seed mixture has to soak for 4 hours. Then after it is processed, it has to ferment (m"

Reviewed Mom's Banana Cake

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Lovely!! I didn't use the cream cheese frosting, instead, I used a lovely peanut butter frosting and lightly drizzled the top with chocolate syrup--very lightly as I didn't want the chocolate to overpower the banana cake and peanut butter frosting. The cake was so moist and delicious! Thanks for a great recipe!"

Reviewed Blueberry Scones (Cook's Illustrated)

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 on

"I love this recipe as a couple of other reviewers, I have the magazine but can't put my hands on it!! SOOO glad you have posted this!! = )"

Reviewed Angel Food Cake (Gluten-Free)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 on

"I think this recipe is outstanding...the best angel food cake I have ever made with regular flour or with gluten free flours! The inside was tender and sweet and the outsides had that classic "toasted marshmallow in cake form" flavor that makes angel food cake so delicious. I didn't have millet flour so I subbed sorghum flour. I also substituted a ..."

Reviewed Salt Cod Balls: Polpette di Baccala

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Reminds me of some of the recipes my ex's family used to make years ago! I particularly remember the crock with the soaking baccala--until I had some I thought that it was crazy--I used to work sometimes at my Uncle Phil's fish market and would sell it before Christmas and of course during Lent. It looks like cardboard until the magic happens! Tha""

Favorited Salt Cod Balls: Polpette di Baccala

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Reviewed Dal Soup

Friday, Jul 1, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"I made this almost exactly--added some carrot and onion, though. I used garam masala that I had made up for another recipe. It was delicious--I love the spicy, warm flavor of the garam masala! Thanks, Bal for a great recipe!

Favorited Red Peppers Stuffed with Aubergine Puree

Monday, Jun 20, 2011 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Reviewed Ceci (Chickpeas Sauce with Penne

Monday, Jun 13, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"This is delicious--the only change I made was subbing homemade veggie stock for the chicken stock to make it vegetarian!! Also, I took the advise of lauren_michelle and I baked it in a casserole dish! MMMMM Thanks Rachel and Lauren!"

Reviewed Drive-In Walnut Burger

Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 on

"I loved these as well as the black bean burgers, and have made both using different varieties of beans. Like another reviewer of the black bean burgers, I use two spatulas to turn these (one on top one underneath). Slowly and carefully turn them and they should hold together. Flavor was great, though I did add two tablespoons of pureed onion, as well as a couple of tablespoons of worcestershire sauce. In general, I find recipes to be guidelines. I try them unchanged first, then decide if I would like the recipe better with some changes. Thank you Sandra for a great recipe--something I have made my own!!"

Reviewed Black Bean Burgers

Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 on

"These are very tasty and a great meat alternative for the grill!! I substituted flax "gel" for the egg and made them for a picnic my husband and I hosted (one of our nephews is vegan so we wanted to be sure to offer a main dish he could eat along with the usual picnic choices of burgers and hot dogs), and they were gobbled up (vegan and non-vegan alike!), even with meat choices!! I make these quite often and vary the beans and seasonings to change up the flavor profile!! Thanks Sandra!"

Reviewed Deep-Fried Cannoli

Wednesday, Mar 9, 2011 on

"I agree with netmeetme! This is not Italian (nor would I say it is French)--it is a Paula Deenization of a wonderful, classic recipe. DEEP FRIED? WHY? I understand tweeking recipes to make them your own, but this is just another example that Paula Deen likes to add as much fat to everything she can. I wouldn't be surprised to see she was behind the disgusting DEEP FRIED BUTTER that was at several state fairs a couple of years ago!"

Reviewed Orange Petits Fours with an Almond Pastry Cream and a Fresh Orange Glaze

Wednesday, Mar 9, 2011 on

"I think to avoid the problems that dearbambi had, remember that the directions say to use the almond pastry cream COLD, wrap the cake with plastic wrap (I would already have a couple of pieces under the bottom layer before I started assembly) and CHILL 2+ hours to set the filling before proceding with the recipe. Maybe another tip might be to make the filling and chill it before spreading onto the cake, this way you know it is thick enough not to ooze all over."