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Reviewed Meat Loaf

Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 on

"Add an egg to get it to stick together. Use 85/15 ratio. 90% is gritty, 80% is greasy. Pull the meatloaf out of the pan immediately, using 2 spatulas if nec. to get the meat out of the grease.

I add garlic, some onion, peppers, worchester, mustard, parsley, parm, bread crumbs and egg to my meatloaf and other stuff. Hubs prefers a meatier me"

Reviewed Grilled Shrimp and Citrus Skewers

Sunday, Jun 24, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Recipe is fine, don't like the orange.
HOWEVER, where did the 9 hours come from? Someone should check these recipes before posting!"

Reviewed Pommes De Terre a la Boulangere: Potatoes a la Bakery

Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Made this a couple of times now. Yummy. However, I "butter" my pan with a margarine/olive oil mix and then line the pan with parchment and "rebutter" the parchment. Cook the three layers only, tried more layers once, did not work all that well. Cook at 280 to speed things up at appx 1 + hours. The best with chicken broth and more thyme and ot""

Reviewed Matzo Balls

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012 on

"Love the egg white trick. Don't always use the chicken fat, but add some poultry seasoning, some minced carrots,celery, and/or scallions. Make about 100 or so and freeze the balls for later use with a can of low sodium broth. Ina is a little heavy handed with her salt, but I luv her.""

Reviewed Baked Eggs with Sausage and Mushrooms

Thursday, Dec 1, 2011 on

"We didn't like the overbrowned garlic bits and the runny eggs. Great with a more tender garlic and fried eggs--not completely fried so they finish in the oven. LUV ANNE""

Reviewed Perfect Pot Roast

Friday, Oct 14, 2011 on

"Whenever I cook a pot roast or corned beef item, I add carrots, onions, and celery in the beginning. Halfway through I pull and discard the spent veggies and then add fresh carrots, onions, mushrooms, celery and/or potatoes. I add spices including parsley to a teaballer so I can easily discard them as well. Not a fan of rosemary sprigs in my dis""

Favorited Fettuccine Primavera

Tuesday, Aug 23, 2011 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Reviewed Beef and Roasted Vegetable Stew

Saturday, Aug 13, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Recipe good. I do not watch this odd woman because I cannot figure out what she is cooking because she acts so strange.""

Reviewed Pasta with Chicken, Risotto-Style

Saturday, Aug 13, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Very Poor directions. This is like a leftover dish, which can be good, but not with these horrible directions. Mushrooms don't take 10 minutes to cook. I would use precooked chicken and pasta cooked to al dente and cook a lot less time. ""

Reviewed Knocks and Beans Supreme

Saturday, Jul 16, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Since when does knockwurst come with chilies. Chilies are ridiculous and inappropriate in almost every dish on fn."

Reviewed Grilled Cheese with Spinach and Pancetta

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2011 on

"Why are healthy eating promoters looking at Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in the first place. A grilled cheese sandwich for an active healthy child is really ok now and then. I’m 60+ and grew up on an occasional grilled cheese sandwich. Cheese is good for young children, but not everyday.

Forget killing the chef of the grilled cheese sandwich,"

Reviewed Dry-Rubbed Rib-Eye

Friday, Jun 17, 2011 on

"All the chefs are absolutely salt crazy. Often on shows the chef says he/she will add a pinch of salt, watch he/she usually adds almost a handful. Most of the chefs use kosher salt and some use sea salt. To taste means to your taste. Use your brains, a tablespoon of salt in any dish is ridiculous let alone 3. Just throw away your regular tabl"

Reviewed Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Aged Cheddar Pancetta, and Sauteed Leeks

Saturday, Jun 4, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Have no idea what she cooked. She should be in a Coney Island side show."

Reviewed Grilled Eggplant Pizza

Friday, May 13, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Shabby to use a store bought crust. Shabby to search for a crust recipe somewhere. "

Reviewed Clam Chowder

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Clam powder is often used as an industrial ingredient and comes in 25 pound bags. That's a lot of chowda!"

Reviewed Roasted Chicken with Lemon, Garlic, and Thyme

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"There is no way a 6 pound roaster can be cooked in 45 minutes??????"

Reviewed Souvlaki (Wicked Kebabs

Thursday, May 5, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Just can't understand ole marble mouth :("

Reviewed Marinated Skirt Steak with Quick-Pickled Feta

Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011 on

"When did skirt steak become economical at $8 per pound???????"

Reviewed Mike's Clam Chowder

Thursday, Mar 10, 2011 on

"TO: ChristineOatts on January 27, 2011
Rate the recipe after you cook it!!!!!!!"

Reviewed Linguine with White Clam Sauce

Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 on

"Love Anne. Really tired of the stupid remarks about Anne double dipping. Rate the recipe and ignore it.

If you really want something to witch about, go to Cooking Channel, owned by Food Network, and watch Bitchin Kitchen, Nadia G is a real freak. So freaky, can't figure out what she is doing."

Reviewed Chicken in a Pot, No Pie

Thursday, Feb 10, 2011 on

"Yummy chicken soup for my soup file. No way does this resemble a pot pie even with tons of flour or cornstarch.

Reviewed Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Almonds

Sunday, Feb 6, 2011 on

"Yummy with much less salt. All the chefs use wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much salt. I now use very little or no salt in my cooking and we enjoy the real taste of the food. Try more herbs and spices.
We are also cutting back substantially on butter. Sorry to the big fat butter queens.

Reviewed Pear, Apple and Cranberry Crisp

Sunday, Jan 30, 2011 on

"Yummy. We used 4 pears, 2 empire apples, and ½ cup craisins. Also added a small pinch of ginger. Omitted the zests because of allergies. While preparing the topping soaked the fruits in bottled lemon juice with water and drained before adding to 8x8 pan. Only added 2 tablespoons of bottled lemon juice, might be tempted to use more next time. Made the full topping per recipe. Raves from the Hubby Tummy. Easy. Absolute keeper.

Reviewed Knish

Friday, Jan 28, 2011 on

"A knish is never made with ESSENCE!

Reviewed Grown Up Mac and Cheese

Monday, Jan 24, 2011 on

"Luv everything about Ina ,and her Mac N Cheese brings us back to our childhoods. However, I skipped the bacon, subbed feta cheese with oregano w spices (Athenos) for the cheeses listed in recipe and subbed seasoned Italian Bread Crumbs; reduced some of pasta (baby shells) and omitted the salt (FN chefs seem to get crazy with salt). Added Italian Seasoning to my white sauce. It's better the next day because the sauce thickens up in frig.

Reviewed Grilled Marinated Flank Sandwiches

Monday, Jan 24, 2011 on

"When did flank steak become budget friendly at $7.00 or so per pound?????

Reviewed Big Daddy Potato Salad

Friday, Jan 21, 2011 on

"Jalapenos are bizarre in this dish.

Reviewed Rum Raisin Rice Pudding

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010 on

"Love Ina. I'm giving this recipe a single star as I am protesting FN’s stupid hyperlinks on very simple cooking terms, such as salt, saucepan, and milk. I put recipes on my puter because I am buried in cookbooks and cannot find a thing. Apparently FN is ONLY interested in selling, selling, selling. Well, there are too many screwed up recipes and hyperlinks are just another insult by FN. Contacting FN is futile. This nonsense does not encourage purchase. BTW Google offers better definitions, techniques, and more.
ps If one needs clarification for milk, etc, run out of the kitchen.

Reviewed Asparagus Soup with Herbed Goat Cheese

Sunday, Nov 28, 2010 on Food Network

"I'm giving this recipe a single star, since I can’t make a comment without a star. I put recipes on my puter because I am buried in FN cookbooks and cannot find a thing. I am appalled by the stupid hyperlinks in the new setup on such ridiculously simple cooking terms, such as saucepan, salt, milk, etc. Contacting FN about the stipid hyperlinks is futile. I'm protesting here instead. The hyperlinks are a blatant effort by FN to keep viewers from copying a recipe. BTW Google offers perfect definitions, techniques, and more.
ps If one needs clarification for milk, etc, get out of the kitchen.

Reviewed Cape Cod Chopped Salad

Friday, Nov 26, 2010 on Food Network

"Really love Ina. This is protest of the new setup with hyperlinks on such very very simple terms. A great versatile recipe. Had to skip the OJ--allergies.
BTW: Google offers better definitions, techniques, and more.
To rogerndeb of Broken Arrow: How dare you DEGRADE someone for complaining it took too much time to make. The bacon takes 20 minutes. YOU DID NOT EVEN MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!!!