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Reviewed sausage, spinach and potato tart

Friday, May 16, 2014 on

β€œWe need MORE of Nancy Fuller. She is an absolute delight. Each and every one of her recipes has been a keeper. Let's see if she'll agree to become a permanent part of Food Network. This tart, BTW, is great. We added some fresh asparagus. ”

Reviewed David's Favorite Carrot Cake with Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting

Sunday, Dec 22, 2013 on

β€œExcellent as the other recipes of Nancy's have been! We need this gal on the Food Network regularly! ”

Reviewed Holiday Roll Ups

Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 on

β€œGreat flavor with the ranch dressing mix added! Attractive and colorful for Christmas and with the chilling, easy to slice and display. Ree and her family are some of our very favorites. We appreciate their family and their hard work. ”

Reviewed Olive Cheese Bread

Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 on

β€œExcellent! Ree comes through again. Also enjoyed her Christmas Cocktail Party recipes recently...all were easy to put together, many could be made ahead, all were flavorable and popular. Pioneer Woman and her family ROCK! ”

Reviewed Chocolate-Hazelnut Drop Cookies

Saturday, Dec 7, 2013 on

β€œGiada, as usual is over the top with her food....but this screaming home owner is over the top in yet another way. Where do they get these people? ”

Reviewed Sweet Corn Pudding

Sunday, Dec 1, 2013 on

β€œWe need multiple additional series of this gal! ”

Reviewed Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Cranberries

Sunday, Nov 24, 2013 on

β€œOK, where is the bacon? ”

Reviewed Hash Brown Cakes

Saturday, Sep 22, 2012 on

"Just finished these. The blotting of the moisture really helps.
Jamie's show is BY FAR the best of the (almost too many) Deen programs. Keep up the good work. Great wife and boys!"

Reviewed Puff Pastry Tart

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Excellent flavor and not too difficult to make. We love Kelsey and it's fun to see Robbie in one of her programs as well. The French pictures were especially interesting."

Reviewed The Miracle Boule

Saturday, Aug 11, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Very simple recipe. Just follow Laura's instructions and you will be pleased. We sprinkled the corn meal (as opposed to addt'l. flour) onto the boule before letting rise and it turned out well."

Reviewed Cindy Pawlcyn's Mongolian Pork Chops

Saturday, Aug 11, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"This recipe is not only excellent but very versatile.
We have used it on pork kebabs on grill skewers, pork roasted in the oven spread with the marinade and most recently in the crock pot on low for several hours. The crock pot one was the most tender and this method will probably be our pick in the future. I have made a full recipe of the mari"

Reviewed Potatoes au Gratin

Sunday, Jul 29, 2012 on

"This is an excellent recipe, particularly with the gruyere! Have not yet tried the steak, but the potatoes we did today and were great with a pork roast. We thoroughly Jamie's new program and he's become our very favorite of the Deen family. Great wife and kids. Keep up the good work!"

Reviewed Chinese Roast Pork

Friday, Jun 22, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Great on thick pork chops. Very flavorful. It's part of our rotation now. We LOVE Roger."

Reviewed Shrimp Lo Mein

Friday, Jun 22, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Kelsey has done it again! This recipe is more like a (good) true Chinese retaurant's take on this dish. As another reviewer stated, make sure all ingredients are "ready and waiting" before you begin..then it goes very quickly. Very good taste. Since a few reviewers indicated there was a lot of sauce, we ramped up the veg and the noodles and al"

Reviewed Skillet Bacon Mac and Cheese

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Mac and cheese AND bacon...what could be more comforting. This is another of Kelsey's great recipe ideas. We enjoyed it for last Sunday night's supper."

Reviewed Pickled Shrimp with Lemon Chive Aioli

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"Whoa! This is yet another of Kelsey's winners. Very complex and interesting taste combination. Shrimp in a whole new way. Very colorful. Keep a slotted spoon next to the bowl and maybe little serving bowls just for this dish so the dressing does not spill over into your other appetizers. This would also make a great main dish salad and/or a "

Reviewed Deviled Eggs with Candied Bacon

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"We made these for a cheese and wine tasting and they went over very well. Everyone likes deviled eggs, but the candied bacon adds an interesting twist. Who does not like bacon? Two winners."

Reviewed Broiled Flank Steak with Grilled Champagne Grapes and a Bitter Greens and Blue Cheese Salad

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"This is a great recipe! Grapes are infrequently used, IMHO, in savory dishes and not appreciated enough. Kelsey Nixon is our very favorite person on the Cooking Channel. Her recipes are great, her presentation is superior and we've not tried anything that was difficult or has failed. GO Kelsey and keep up the good work! You are appreciated."

Reviewed Aunt Trish's Salad Dressing

Sunday, May 6, 2012 on

"This is excellent. I would agree with one of the initial posters who indicated it's best when it sets overnight. Ree has a great show and we enjoy sharing in her life and her family and her great, easy recipes!"

Reviewed Caesar Salad

Saturday, Mar 31, 2012 on

"Excellent dressing and croutons!! We need to see many more in this woman's series of programs. Great job! We enjoy all of her recipes, her family, her sharing her life. I need to check out her blog.""

Reviewed Baked Fontina

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012 on

"This is a very good recipe for entertaining. We (oven) toasted the ciabatta bread after a brushing of olive oil. I could not find anything but domestic Fontina, so went with that and it was delicious. The fresh herbs I think are mandatory. Ina comes through again! Oh..we made this in a LeCreuset skillet since it was larger than our small cast""

Reviewed Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 on

"We took these potatoes for a Christmas dinner we were fortunate enough to be invited to. We made them the day prior and they were wonderful heated up in a crock pot the day of the dinner. We had a few left over, so left them in our frig and had them for 3 separate days following our friends' dinner and they were just as tasty. We love Ree's sho""

Reviewed Burgundy Mushrooms

Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011 on

"Excellent! These shrooms would go with a variety of eats.
We are thoroughly enjoying Ree and her program. It's a very nice change of pace for the Food Network. We liked her last series and this one is even better. Ree, keep up the great work!
K and J from the North Idaho mountains.""

Reviewed Salmon Cakes

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 on

"Melissa's program is one of our very favorites. This is a tasty recipe and a bit of a new twist on salmon cakes/patties. Thanks!""

Reviewed Antipasto Calzone

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011 on

"This recipe is fine but if Giada does not stop saying AWESOME every other sentence I will go nuts. Tell her she is not Rachael Ray and that "awesome" went out in 2002."

Reviewed Cast Iron Skillet Corn Bread

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011 on

"Good recipe. Had to look for the coarsely ground meal. We need MORE of Alex...she is very under-rated."

Reviewed Cast Iron Skillet Corn Bread

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011 on

"Good recipe. Had to look for the coarsely ground meal. We need MORE of Alex...she is very under-rated."

Reviewed Cast Iron Skillet Corn Bread

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2011 on

"Good recipe. Had to look for the coarsely ground meal. We need MORE of Alex...she is very under-rated."

Reviewed Baked Gruyere and Sausage Omelet

Thursday, Mar 24, 2011 on

"Another good Giada recipe. I agree..Gruyere is a bit high end, but Swiss does nicely and other grated cheese would be fine too. I always use skim milk since that's all we buy and things turn our fine. I sliced jarred roasted red peppers and they were acceptable as well."

Reviewed Chicken, Artichoke and Cannellini Bean Spezzatino

Friday, Mar 4, 2011 on

"Good recipe. I have trouble finding frozen artichokes, so use the canned (not marinated) and not only are they less expensive, but easy to use."