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Reviewed almost-famous barbecue chicken pizza

Sunday, Mar 30, 2014 on

Won't Parchment Paper catch fire at that temperature?

Reviewed almost-famous barbecue chicken pizza

Sunday, Mar 30, 2014 on

Won't Parchment Paper catch fire at that temperature?

Reviewed Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken & Ham (So Good!!!)

Monday, Jul 29, 2013 on

"LOL! This recipe has several major problems but reading all the reviews today more than made up for them! I am reading this on 7-29-13, almost 9 years since this recipe was originally posted. What great reads the 30 odd reviews about this recipe were for me! I am amazed about how so many give a recipe 5 stars yet specify that they completely amende..."

Reviewed Restaurant-Style Salsa

Friday, May 3, 2013 on

"This is great! I usually add the lime zest too and I like more tang so I add more cumin and garlic if I'm making it just for me. Taste it as you go and salt in steps, not just at the end. "

Reviewed Chile Lime Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Friday, May 3, 2013 on

"Me thinks it ridiculous to rank a recipe with 5 stars when you have to make substantial changes to the recipe in order to make it taste good! This recipe is a great example. Sandra really hurts the recipe by using store bought guacamole and then does not bother specifying a brand. C'mon, Sandra! You mention Lawry and Knudsen and many other brands."

Reviewed Black Bean Sopes

Friday, May 3, 2013 on

"I agree with hcasio.... this was good but it is not great. And, more importantly, it was easy to make. I deducted a star because Sandra did not strongly encourage the use of fresh lime juice (The bottled stuff is no substitute, IMO) and because she did not encourage the use of a specific jarred salsa. There are many versions of mild salsa out ther"

Reviewed Acai Margarita

Friday, May 3, 2013 on

"I agree with truebluetwo....this was not good. I'll try again using different souces of ingredients and post back. I think I will start with a different tequila and work from there. After 10-12 variations I should have a good idea what tastes good to me. Of course, I will probably be blind by then and unable to type my responses! Wish me luck! BTW"

Reviewed Sausage, Peppers and Onions

Friday, Nov 30, 2012 on

"This was kind of bland when using only sweet sausage. Making it a 50-50 combination of sweet and hot Italian sausage gave it a better zing. I think that making the garlic into a paste with the Kosher salt and adding it that way adds a better flavor too. I vote Premio brand of sausage as the best that I have tried, and I have tried many brands! One"

Reviewed Pastitsio

Friday, Sep 14, 2012 on

"I agree with leemcb of Texas, this is a fabulous dish. Thanks, Ina. I have also tried adding 1 tsp of allspice to the meat sauce which made for an interesting touch of flavor but I have also tried adding a couple anchovies to the olive oil and onion saute step and this really ads another depth of flavor to this recipe. To even add more interesting"

Reviewed Chocolate Orange Mousse

Monday, Sep 10, 2012 on

"I want to shout a loud thank you to ivetaJ of Vancouver for posting her comments back on 8-26-11. I too was impatient about whipping the egg whites and I also folded the egg whites and whipped cream into the chocolate mixture a little too quickly, I guesss, because I got a soupy mix and not a velvety mix. I also served this up in expresso cups for"

Reviewed Chicken-Andouille Casserole

Saturday, Sep 8, 2012 on

"This recipe was da bomb! Great flavors. I think that these "early" recipes by Emeril are his very best. I loved the suggestion by sbwilson of Salem, Oregon, posted back on 1-27-12, about using dried wild mushrooms and mushroom "stock" along with the chicken stock. This made a great recipe even better! The suggestion by jabci of Chesterton, IN from"

Reviewed Lentil Soup

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 on

"Delicious. No need for the spices suggested by AB. I have enjoyed making this using my everyday spices of smoked paprika, Chipotle pepper flakes, and powdered cumin. To booest the flavor, start with bacon. Everything always tastes better with bacon. It's a fact! Want more flavor? Add 3 cloves of smashed and finely diced garlic. Want even more flav"

Reviewed Flounder Fish Salad

Thursday, Aug 9, 2012 on

"my thanks to levander of Marietta, GA, for posting about the use of too much olive oil way back in 2007! A great tip. I was careful to use 1/2 what Alton suggested and
enjoyed the salad very much. I also added a double dose of the Hot Sauce for an added zip. Thank you, levander! And you too, Alton!"

Favorited Slow Cooker Shredded Pork

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Favorited Spaghetti with Meatballs

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Favorited Soft-shell Crab BLT with Saffron Aioli and Peppercress

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Favorited Jumbo Lump Crab Taco, Pickled Chiles and Avocado

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Reviewed Bacon and Leek Warm Potato Salad

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 on

"Not one of your best, Rach! Try adding some red wine vinegar for some zing. I also like it with a dash of red pepper flakes and I like the potatoes quartered. Just my $.02. Thank you."

Reviewed Taco Potion #19

Saturday, Jul 14, 2012 on

"my thanks to shirleyjune of Rialto, CA, for her excellent suggesion, posted on 10-11-10, about adding Mexican oregano to this mix and for noting that this mix of spices should keep for 6 months, if prepared and stored properly! And, btw, if you need a Taco Fix and have procrastinated about getting all these ingredients to make your own, me suggest"

Reviewed Mesa Grill's Southwestern Potato Salad

Thursday, Jul 12, 2012 on

"this recipe will work on the 4th of July if your party is inside, enjoying A/C, but it will not work for the outdoor party by the lake, with temps in the 90's! C'mon, a potato salad with mayo should NOT be on the outdoor picnic table! I prepare this for my Halloween Party by the lake. The spice keeps the vamps away!
BTW, the suggestions posted b"

Reviewed Spicy Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti

Sunday, Apr 8, 2012 on

"Yum! Loved this just as is without any modifications and then I tired it again and this time I used a 50-50 mix of ground turkey to sweet sausage and used up my selections of dried herbs and store bought breadcrumbs left over from the Christmas Holidays and 2 eggs and no milk and no hot pepper and no prosciutto because I was cooking for an aged mo""

Reviewed Orange Wine Shrimp Cocktail

Saturday, Dec 10, 2011 on

"I rate recipes poorly if they are incomplete and this recipe does not specify the type of white wine. If I am going to risk an entire box of wine on a recipe I want more information and this is an important detail to leave out, IMO.
I tried chablis. I didn't like the taste. Should I try wasting a box of chardonnay next? ""

Reviewed Roasted Pork Loin with Brussels Sprouts, Shallots, Garlic

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 on

"This was better on my 3rd attempt. This time I seared outside on the grill after brining my roast for 24 hrs in a simple brown sugar and Kosher salt 50-50 mix. I got a great bargain on this roast at $2.99/ lb, for a 3.87 lb roast, so I was eager to experiment further with this recipe. Searing on a 450 degree gas grill worked great. Gave me beautif""

Reviewed Edamame and Scallion Slaw with Orange Lime Dressing

Friday, Aug 19, 2011 on

"Beyond tasty! Lieberman never disappoints! BTW, add some red pepper flakes and you give this slaw another flavor boost! BTW, anybody know why this recipe will not add to my Recipe B""

Reviewed Cod and Shrimp in Fennel and White Wine Broth

Saturday, Aug 6, 2011 on

"Disaster! And I love you, Anne! I will try this recipe one more time just to doublecheck what I might have done wrong. But Pernod ain't cheap! BTW, what is "big, fat finishing oil" exactly? I think that you mentioned that it was an olive oil, but what kind or quality? Sorry if I missed you explaining that! If I strike out again next time I'm a gon""

Reviewed Light Tacos

Sunday, Jul 31, 2011 on

"A nice change from the gazillion other Taco recipes. I have never heard of Blue Moon beer and didn't want to have to buy a beer just for a marinade so I used my always on hand beer, which is Molson, and I used orange zest as an alternative. 1 hour at room temperature worked just fine in the marinade. I thought the salsa needed more kick. Next time"

Reviewed Orange Liqueur Cupcakes

Saturday, Jul 30, 2011 on

"Where is the chocolate? Didn't she make this with chocolate on the TV Show? Or, did I pick a bad day to give taking hallucinogenic drugs?"