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Reviewed cream of celery soup

Sunday, Aug 31, 2014 on

I had some extra celery on hand and a long weekend so decided to try this soup. I made homemade vegetable stock which probably gave it a nice deeper flavor. I also pureed the veggies with a stick blender. It was bland for me so I added lots of black pepper, a little cayenne pepper,a little bit of old bay seasoning and a tiny bit of fresh grated...

Reviewed Mini Meatball Soup

Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 on

Excellent soup. The meatballs are so delicious with that combination of nutmeg and parmesan. I also used two slices of decent white bread pulsed in a food processor instead of regular bread crumbs and I think that makes the meatballs more tender. I couldn't believe I had no ditalini pasta as I always keep it on hand because it's already so small...

Reviewed Grandmother's Chinese Chicken Wings

Sunday, Jun 30, 2013 on

"I can't believe I can make something that tastes this good. I've made it three times so far. The first time I stuck to the recipe exactly. The other times I have omitted the star anise and cinnamon because we don't really like the Chinese 5-spice flavor that star anise and cinnamon comprise. I've made it with wings, thighs and yesterday made i"

Reviewed Perfect Potatoes au Gratin

Saturday, Jan 5, 2013 on

"This dish was the hit of my dinner party but it was also the dish I was sweating bullets over because it didn't finish cooking according to the recipe's time given. I think it took about 1 hour and 10 minutes to cook. I also jacked up the heat to 425 at the 40 minute point since the potatoes were still hard. Thank goodness I had some time to let "

Reviewed Why-the-Chicken-Crossed-the-Road Santa Fe-Tastic Tortilla Soup

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012 on

"This is the best soup ever! The grilled corn and red pepper really do make it special. I followed it exactly except I was dubious about adding 4 cups of tortilla chips because it seemed like it would absorb too much of the liquid so I added just 1 cup and it worked fine. Please try this soup -- your family will love you for making it!"

Reviewed Pastrami Rueben aka "The Rachel"

Friday, Nov 16, 2012 on

"The sandwich really does taste and look like it's from a deli. I made four sandwiches and the dressing recipe could have been cut by 75%, so if you make it to serve 4, then at least cut the dressing recipe in half. Combining the dressing and kraut is a good trick for sure because it holds really well that way. I was skeptical about placing the k"

Reviewed Chicken and Herb Pot Pie Stoup

Friday, Nov 2, 2012 on

"Everyone loved this stoup and I think it truly captures the essence of a chicken pot pie. I used dried herbs and not too much, probably 1 tsp of thyme and 1/2 tsp of tarragon and that was just the right amount. But I also added about a tsp of poultry seasoning since I really wanted to make sure it had that homey flavor, and it sure did! I also "

Reviewed Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012 on

"I felt the flavor of this dish was too rich for the way I prefer mashed potatoes to taste. I prefer the humble flavor of the potato to be the star and in this dish, the garlic and cheese overpowered. I used 3 large garlic cloves and I strained the garlic out of the half and half after heating it to a simmer. I did not use parmesan, but rather ro"

Reviewed Flexible 4-Step Chicken for Family and Company - Rustic Lemon-Onion Chicken

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012 on

"I have served this dish three times to rave reviews, one of those times to company. Everyone from child to adult loves this dish. I use about 2 lemons which comes to 1/4 cup and I believe that is the perfect amount of lemon. The only things I do different from the recipe is that I do add some flour when I am sauteing the onions in butter to thi""

Reviewed Easy Chicken Curry with Vegetables

Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 on

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The entire family, including myself, became enraptured in this dish. It's like when we ate this meal, we stepped into a new dimension, another planet, a place we had never before visited. Melissa, this is the second dish of yours that I have prepared to rave reviews. This is easy, light, healthy, and so very delicious. I d""

Reviewed Cuban Baked Chicken with Sweet Peppers and Yellow Rice

Friday, Jan 6, 2012 on

"This dish is excellent! I love chicken and yellow rice but the recipe I have used for years is not for a weeknight preparation since it takes a couple of hours because it requires marinating the chicken, having fresh sofrito, etc. I was able to whip up this recipe in under an hour. I added 1/2 cup more rice and I used 4 legs, 4 thighs and 4 win""

Reviewed Sweet Potatoes Glazed with Molasses, Pecans and Bourbon

Sunday, Dec 25, 2011 on

"I like this recipe because it's a sweet potato dish that's not a sugar overload, it's really not too sweet and adding the salt, pepper and cayenne gives it a balance of sweet and savory. After reading reviews I did use half the amount of bourbon and it was fine but I think the dish could have handled the full amount. Love the toasted pecans, the""

Reviewed Eva's Potatoes

Sunday, Dec 25, 2011 on

"Great recipe, very light, flavorful, and cooks in no time. I definitely did not need a mandolin to slice the potatoes and thought it was pretty funny that the recipe required it! Anyways, this is a keeper.""

Reviewed Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Thursday, Nov 24, 2011 on

"Definitely an easy and delicious sweet potato side dish. I sliced them crosswise rather than lengthwise since I was concerned they would fall apart as I tend to over-bake them. I also sprinkled the dish with salt and pepper which gave it a more savory rather than sweet flavor which we prefer in a side dish. It is so easy to assemble this dish t""

Reviewed Herb-Roasted Onions

Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 on

"So awesome and tasty. The dressing rocks. It was really easy to fix. I was worried I wouldn't figure out how to wedge the onions but I did them perfectly and the wedges stayed intact during the roasting, spreading out to absorb the delicious dressing. Make sure to bake them long enough so that they caramelize and even let them get just a tad bu""

Reviewed Fisherman's Stoup

Saturday, Oct 15, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Another Rachel Ray awesome dish. The entire family loved it and we hardly had any leftovers. I have been looking for "soft food" recipes while my husband is undergoing some dental work and this fit the bill. Now I did not use the lager beer since I forgot to purchase it and I think that is why I needed to add about 1 tsp of worcestershire sauce""

Reviewed Yellow Rice with Corn

Saturday, Jul 16, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"This was the BEST yellow rice you can imagine eating. Along with the Chicken in Garlic Sauce, my husband and I were eating this meal, with the sounds of "ummmm", "wow", interjected in between bites. It is that good. I have made sofrito before using other recipes, but Daisy's is definitely the best. Especially since the ingredients are readily a"

Reviewed Chicken in Garlic Sauce - Pollo al Ajillo

Saturday, Jul 16, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"AWESOME is all I can say. Okay, delicious comes to mind as well! How simple, how inexpensive, and how magnificent this dish is. I used the thighs along with legs, but I could also imagine that adding wings into the mix would be really good too. Definitely make this with the yellow rice dish that accompanies the chicken dish. I will review tha"

Reviewed Gumbo

Friday, Jul 1, 2011 on

"I've been making Paula's gumbo recipe for years now and it's the dish I bring to pot-luck get-togethers. There's never leftovers. I fix it and then put it in a slow cooker so it stays warm, plus I bring a container of white rice to serve with it. If I make it at home for the family, sometimes I use bone-in chicken which makes it even more flavor"

Reviewed Pumpkin Muffins

Friday, Jun 24, 2011 on

"I am totally amazed at how delicious and moist these muffins are. Nice pumpkin pie flavor. I had sworn off muffins years ago because of their high calorie/high fat content. But with only 1/4 cup of oil, this comes to only 1 tsp of oil per muffin. Of course they have their share of carbs but at least the ingredients are very healthy. Now if only"

Reviewed Pastitsio

Thursday, May 19, 2011 on

"First of all, you must try the bechamel, minus the eggs, yogurt and meat sauce, all by itself as a fondue. It is superb. With the freshly grated parmesan and the heavy cream this is a real treat. Really by adding the eggs and turning the bechamel into a custard was probably unnecessary and next time I make this I will omit the eggs and see how it"

Reviewed Chicken Cacciatore

Saturday, May 14, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Excellent recipe and very easy to follow. Simple ingredients made it easy and clean tasting. HOWEVER, what's up with the 4 teaspoons of oregano? I used 1 tsp of dried oregano just to be safe and it was fine. Also used 1 tsp of dried thyme rather than the 2 teaspoons specified, but probabaly 2 tsp of thyme would have been okay. Served it with "

Reviewed Hungry Chick Chunky Soup

Saturday, May 14, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"I've made this twice and each time I just cooked it in a regular pot on the stove top. I cook the chicken for about 20 minutes and take it out and shred or chop it. Really takes less than 1 hour total time on the stove top. I was completely shocked that the entire family loves this soup and I think it is because of the unusual addition of the w"

Reviewed Lemon-Basil Orzotto

Saturday, May 14, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Another Kelsey winner! Have made this twice and plan to make it a regular side dish. Last night made it using lime since that's what I had on hand and it was just as great tasting. It's truly delicious and such a great side dish with anything, but especially with fish. Definitely must use fresh basil in this recipe so I'm glad I finally got my"

Reviewed Sesame-Ginger Salmon en Papillote

Saturday, May 14, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"Very delicious and so quick -- and to think no one in the family could tolerate salmon until I made this recipe. I also have made the same recipe using tilapia and it comes out just as good. Definitely use the parchment rather than the aluminum foil because the fish will take longer to cook in aluminum foil."

Reviewed Spaghetti and Meatball "Stoup" (thicker than soup, thinner than stew

Sunday, Apr 24, 2011 on

"This is great comfort food and it really only took me 30 minutes (and most of Rachel's recipes take me 1 hour!). This finally solves the dilemma of family members who eat at different times due to work and school schedules, in that with the spaghetti and meatballs and sauce all together in one pot, I don't have to worry about how to keep the past"

Reviewed Mexican Lasagna

Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011 on

"Easy and quick and delicious. Kinda like a nacho casserole! Must be served with sour cream or it's too spicy (at least for me). To avoid the mushy tortillas, spray them with Pam and bake in the oven at 350 for just five minutes until firm but pliable.

Reviewed Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad

Monday, Dec 20, 2010 on

"This is the second time this week I have made this salad. It's so easy, healthy, and delicious. I did not purchase the fresh mint or basil as I am on a budget (when will I start an herb garden already!), but it still is delicious using only parsley.

Reviewed Braised Short Ribs

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2010 on

"It tasted horrible. I used a Pinot Noir that I had on hand, a dry wine, but the sauce was still way too sweet, at least in concert with the tomato paste and the carrot/onion/celery/garlic puree. No one could eat it. I tried salvaging it for lunch the next day by removing most of the sauce and adding some Puerto Rican-style sofrito and chicken broth to flavor it up. But the short ribs had already absorbed so much of the overly sweet wine sauce flavor that it was disgusting.

Reviewed Mexican Chicken Soup

Monday, Nov 15, 2010 on Food Network

"Very easy to make and so delicious -- comfort food Mexican style. I followed the recipe exactly. I suggest that along with the avocado, sour cream and tortilla chips, that it also be served at table with wedges of lime.