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Favorited Biscuit Sticky Buns

Saturday, Aug 9, 2014 in Recipes on Cooking Channel

Reviewed quick chocolate banana cream pie

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 on

β€œI* agree, this recipe is so easy it doesn't need a recipe. Follow the directions on the box for pie not pudding. You can also fold in an 8 oz. carton of Cool Whip, reg. or light. It gives the chocolate a mousse like texture. It makes it seem like you worked all day on it. ”

Reviewed irish soda bread

Saturday, Mar 15, 2014 on

β€œWhile it may not be true Irish soda bread, it is delicious. Call it what you want to but bake it. for fcast2127 be sure you cut the X in the dough before baking. That should take care of the crack you get in your bread. Enjoy. ”

Reviewed cinnamon baked doughnuts

Monday, Mar 10, 2014 on

β€œThese are delicious if you follow the recipe. Why do people change the recipe to suit their taste and then rate the recipe as no good. The recipe is suppose to be rated as it is written. If the people changing the recipe were so good, they would have their own show on Food Network. Try the recipe, if you don't like it then rate it. Someone wrote... ”

Reviewed blackberry cheesecake squares

Sunday, Feb 9, 2014 on

β€œI haven't made these yet but they sound delicious. I wanted to also add my two cents in about this new website. Whoever designed this should be fired. I hate it!!!! I can't find anything. The old website was so easy to find, save or print recipes. You could find the recipe right where it should be, with the shows name, the time it was on and the day... ”

Reviewed chicken piccata

Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 on

β€œI've been making chicken piccata for years and this one is too lemony. too much lemon juice for my taste. also too much oil. Giada is good but sometimes she uses too much oil. ”

Reviewed braised beef brisket

Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 on

β€œI haven't tried this yet however I would like to say that your new website is horrible. I hate it. It's enough to make me stop watching the Food Network entirely. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? ”

Reviewed hot roast beef sandwiches

Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 on

β€œI agree. This recipe was written entirely wrong. If someone hadn't watched the show and was preparing this recipe as it is written can you imagine all the wasted ingredients. Money wasted, ingredients wasted. Please get it write before its put on line. ”

Reviewed Baked Mashed Potatoes with Peas, Parmesan Cheese and Breadcrumbs

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 on

β€œI found this dish to be delicious. For the person who said it was too rich, all you have to do is cut down on the butter that's added. I cook for just myself and my husband so I didn't make as many potatoes so naturally I cut down on the butter but if you find it too rich just cut down on the butter. It's just using common sense in cooking. ”

Reviewed Crispy Chicken Strips

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013 on

"For robertshari2002 who wanted the recipe to print larger. When you are ready to print click on print preview, set the scale to 90% and you should get a larger print that way. I use Firefox and on the top left of my computer I click on Firefox and then print and then print preview. It won't print, it will just show you what it will look like. 90%"

Reviewed French Silk Pie

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013 on

"I've made this many times, however using raw eggs is very dangerous. I make it with egg beaters. Use 1 cup of egg beaters and add only 1/4 cup at a time and beat that in well before adding another 1/4 of a cup. The recipe I use came from a magazine and it is soooo delicious. It tastes like chocolate mousse, so light and fluffy. I also put mine "

Reviewed Chicken Parmesan

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 on

"I too put parmesan cheese in the bread crumb mixture, also put in a little chopped fresh parsley as I grow this in an herb garden. It was delicious and easy. I made it with spaghetti too. My hubby loved it."

Reviewed Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Friday, Aug 9, 2013 on

"This may be delicious but 1 1/2 lbs of butter. All that chocolate and raw egg whites. 1. It's way too expensive to make. Butter is expensive, chocolate is expensive and I don't like to eat raw eggs of any kind. It may make a lot of frosting and I'm sure it can be reduced to make enough for just one cake and Ina should have done that. You don't ne"

Reviewed Pat and Gina's Oven Fried Chicken

Monday, Jul 29, 2013 on

"This is delicious but one thing I will never understand. How can someone review a recipe after they have changed it all up. Some people take out ingredients to add something they like and then they say this recipe is no good or its great. Review the recipe after you have tried it, then add another review with what you did or did not like about it."

Reviewed Pork Chops and Rice

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013 on

"This was very good however you NEVER, EVER put that kind of a pan on the stove. It is for the oven only. If you put in on the top of your stove it will explode. I knew that the minute I watched her do that. Years ago my daughter had a room full of family over for Thanksgiving and she was reheating the potatoes in her casserole pan and it explod"

Reviewed Easy Cheese Danish

Sunday, Nov 4, 2012 on

"I've made these many times and I can't understand why people think they can improve on a great recipe. Why would someone use cardamon in these. They are super delicious just the way they are. Oh, and use the lemon, it is so yummy. There is no need to go to a bakery and pay a small fortune for cheese danish when it is so easy to make. Just follow"

Reviewed Individual Orange and Chocolate Cheesecakes

Sunday, Nov 4, 2012 on Cooking Channel

"for mommannetti, you don't have to scrape the filling from oreos to use them. just grind them in a food processor and they will be fine for the chocolate base. scraping the filling is way too much work. these were delicious. I too should have doubled the recipe. next time I will. "

Reviewed Flat Apple Pie with Perfect Pie Crust

Sunday, Jun 3, 2012 on

"Use 3 tablespoons of flour instead of 2 to minimize liquid and I used cinnamon and a bit of nutmeg in the apples. I like cinnamon with apple pie. Roll pie dough around rolling pin to transfer to baking sheet and use parchment paper on the baking sheet for easy clean-up. I cut the recipe in half to make one as two is too many for just the two of u"

Reviewed Daisy Shortbread Cookies

Friday, Sep 2, 2011 on

"Yes, the cookies are very good, however butter is expensive. I don't think making 24 cookies with 3 sticks of butter is worth it. I love Ira's recipes and watch her daily. I have been baking and cooking for years but really, 3 sticks of butter = 24 cookies. I don't think so!""

Reviewed Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake

Sunday, Jun 19, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"I would love to know where I can find Rachel Allens recipes where the ingredients are in American measurements and not in English measurements. Please help!"

Reviewed Swiss Roll

Sunday, Jun 5, 2011 on Cooking Channel

"I love Rachel Allen Bake show but she uses oz. to measure her ingredients. How do I convert that to cups the way we do in the US. Thanks for anyones help. Sure do appreciate it. "

Reviewed Whoopie Pies

Sunday, May 22, 2011 on

"It sounds delicious and I watched the episode on TV, however 2 sticks of butter for the whoopie cakes and 3 sticks for the filling plus 2 8 oz. pkgs of cream cheese. That's a lot of butter and this is very expensive to make. No matter how good they are, I think I'll pass. If they all don't get eaten before they go stale that's a lot of wasted mone"


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